Homes where friendships flourish

Our mission is to create homes where friendships flourish.

More people are renting than ever before. Government data shows that one in five households rent from a private landlord. Half ​of 25-34 year-olds are in rented accommodation. And the number of middle-aged renters has​ doubled​ since a decade ago.

But the preference towards renting isn’t the only change affecting the way people live. We’re working from home more frequently. More of us are turning into solo-preneurs, freelancers and side-hustlers. And in a world more connected than ever, we’re fighting against loneliness and social isolation.

What does it all mean for housing? Co-living is on the rise. And people are looking for households where they can be themselves, belong to a community and connect with the people they share a home life with.

As friends who met in a house share, we know just how life-changing a great home with a great vibe can be. We also know what it takes to create one. That’s why we pay special attention to creating an environment in which friendships can flourish. It’s what makes our homes unique. And it’s what fuels our passion for property.

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Ten years ago, we began as housemates. Now we're putting our 36 years of combined renting experience into offering ...

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