Fund our projects for a healthy return

We work with private finance and offer opportunities to get involved

Modernising the UK's rental sector offers healthy returns to our financiers. On average, we deliver a 6% return on funds contributed. By buying below market value, we secure returns from the moment we purchase. And by creating attractive, easy-to-love homes, we generate recurring income that our financiers can enjoy too.

Interest rates

We offer 6% interest per annum, on average. Our rates increase with the amount put in and the duration of contribution.

Due to the nature of property development, we look for medium- to long-term financiers that want to enjoy continuous returns. The minimum time frame is 12 months, as this allows our refurb team to do quality work and maximise the returns.

There is currently no maximum term as we intend to keep all cash-flowing assets indefinitely. To add to this, we are in growth mode. And that means we can recycle and reuse monies to fund new property projects.


Usually, our financiers opt to receive their interest payments in one of two timeframes:

Annually - this means interest is paid to you at the end of a 12-month period.

Monthly - smaller payments are made each month.

Your financial goals will determine the pay-out cycle that's right for you. Feel free to get in touch to chat through what works for you.

Why our financiers choose to get involved with property

  • Healthy returns that beat most UK bank rates
  • Generates passive monthly income
  • Protects savings against inflation
  • Higher, more consistent returns than stocks & currency
  • Stable investment over time, whereas stocks fluctuate daily
  • Provides cash flow for retirement and supplements a pension
  • Creates lump-sum capital for personal projects
  • Creates equity for passing on through inheritance

Mitigating Risk

It's important to remember that no property project comes without risk. So we have a 3-tiered system to mitigate the common risk factors. This includes:

(1) Buying Below Market Value: if house prices drop, we know we've already bought below market value. So this cushions any potential loss. Below market value (BMV) properties are those that are run down and often secured off-market or at auction.

(2) Adding Value: by refurbishing the property, we add value. This often happens as we renovate kitchens and bathrooms, add bedrooms, extend to create new space and find creative ways to give homes a facelift.

(3) Two exit strategies: every property deal is assessed using a rigorous and conservative calculation. Each deal also has two options for coming out of the deal while covering costs. Usually this includes at least one option to sell the property as well as one option to rent the property if required.

Are you interested in meeting your financial goals through funding property projects? Get in touch. We have opportunities to get involved now. If you'd like to learn more, contact Leslie or Tatiana directly.